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2011 - Pinecrest wednesday Morning Men's League -

Course Handicaps

Your handicap index….provided to you by the league on the sticker labels we give you each month….is a valuable asset for you. It is the basis for calculating a course handicap for any course in the world.

If you're playing an 18 hole course, multiply your index by 2.

The formula is as follows:

(Your handicap index times the slope rating of the course you're playing divided by 113).

For example, the slope rating at the Lakes Course at Twin Lakes is 122 from the white tees. I have a handicap index of 13.3N (N means a nine hole index). To determine my course handicap for Twin Lakes I would compute it as follows:


  1. Double my index: (13.3 times 2) equals 26.6
  2. Multiply the index by the slope rating (26.6 times 122): 3245.2
  3. Divide by 113; (3245.2/113): 28.72
  4. Round up or down to the nearest whole number. Since .72 is above .49 I would round up.
  5. My course handicap is 29 for the Twin Lakes course from the white tees.


Questions? Please consult the VSGA or USGA site or contact Ed McCurry (hebmc@aol.com)



Check in with starter, get ticket at counter, and be in tee box area 10 minutes before your tee time.

Don't be shy...play ready golf - If you are ready to tee off, with club, ball and tee in hand, step up to the tee box and fire away. If you hit a ball off the tee and believe that it will take more than 5 minutes to find, then go ahead and hit a provisional. Not a mulligan, but a provisional. Review 2011 league rules.

Play provisional ball if you think the original may be lost outside a water hazard or out of bounds.

Swimming - If your ball prefers a swim to romping in the grass, drop another ball that likes the grass. Take penalty stroke and keep it moving.

Cart Buddies - This is person riding in cart with you. It is OK to share driving......don't leave cart buddy stranded, share progression to the green.

On Watch - Watch the ball flight of your teammates' ball and help them spot it where it lands.

Scoring - Move to next tee box before recording your score.

Golfers are expected to stay up with group ahead of them. 1/2 hole separation is recommended.

Plan your shot while walking to ball or while others are playing. Be efficient with pre-shot routines.

If you are warned about slow play by the player assistant/marshal a second time, you could be asked to pick up, take double par and move to next tee.