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For our club to be considered compliant with the Virginia State Golf Association (VSGA), the organization who licenses us to issue handicap indexes, scores entered into the handicap system computer (or online) need to be adjusted using the Equitable Stroke Control system. Below you will find instructions on how to do that. It is relatively simple and all you really need to know is what your course handicap is for the Pinecrest Golf course. That number is provided to you by the league.

Understanding the VSGA Handicap System  

First, you need to understand that the Pinecrest men's league's double-par rule is a totally separate matter which has nothing to do with the VSGA handicap system. When reporting scores for the men's league, scores on any hole are limited to no more than a double par in order to speed up play.  

After turning in you men's league score, you may then need to adjust your score based on the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) table that sets a maximum number of strokes a player can post on any hole depending on your course handicap. For handicap purposes, players are required to adjust scores (actual or probable) that are higher than your maximum number you may post. There is no limit to the number of holes on which you may adjust your score.  

Golfers with nine-hole handicaps adjust scores for H/C purposes using the following ESCs:  

H/C 4 or less may take no higher score on any hole than a double bogey (2 over par)
H/C 5 through 9 may take no higher score on any hole than a 7
H/C 10 through 14 may take no higher score on any hole than an 8
H/C 15 through 19 may take no higher score on any hole than a 9
H/C 20 or more may take no higher score  

For example, Bob who has a 4 H/C must scan his card for any score more than a double bogey. He sees he made a 6 (3 over par) on hole three which is higher than his maximum number. Accordingly, he must reduce the score on hole three to his maximum number (double bogey or 5 on a par three hole) for H/C purposes and post his adjusted score in the computer.   Jim who has a 9 H/C also made a 6 on hole three need not adjust his score before posting it, since he is allowed to take a maximum score of 7 on any hole for posting purposes.   Jerry, with a H/C of 18 picks up on hole number three after six strokes (per league rules). Since his handicap allows him to post a maximum of 9 he will increase his score on that hole to the number of strokes he estimates it would have taken to finish.

For estimation the VSGA says you should use what you think it would to take to complete the hole more than 50% of the time for the situation you're in. For example, if Jim is on the green in 6 he may estimate that at least half the time he would two-putt. So he would record an 8 for that hole.  

Once you know your handicap and the maximum number of strokes from the table that you may post for H/C purposes on any hole, all you need to do is scan your card for a score on any hole where you score was higher than you maximum number and adjust any that need adjusting. It is simple as that.